Date posted:June 30, 2020

Lectures, lectures and interviews from April to June

The following is an excerpt of lectures, lectures, and interviews given by Kohei Onozaki from April to June (in no particular order)

- Keio School of Public Health, Case Study on leadership: Guest Speaker

- What should we do now as an emergency measure to "protect our employees under Covid-19"? Sponsored by EY Advisory and Consulting Co.

- Lecture on "Recent Trends in Healthcare" at a study group of corporate human resource managers

- Online lecture for all employees of pharmaceutical manufacturer: "Future of Healthcare and Society and implications to Pharma business in Japan"

- Online lecture "Trends in Health Care Policy and its implications to Medtech industry" for executives and employees of medical device manufacturer

- Online lecture at the university student/medical student group "Fun Tree".

- Video: "How to create a sustainable lifestyle" on Wakuwaku MORNING

- Appeared on Hutto FM in Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture

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