SustainaHealth’s Overview

  • Name
    SustainaHealth Institute
  • Representative Director, Chairman
    Kohei Onozaki
  • Established
    May 1, 2020
  • Location
    2-16-14 Nakashizu, Sakura City, Chiba, 285-0843, Japan
  • Purpose of foundation
    SustainaHealth aims to promote activities based on academic insights of public health and health science in cooperation with residents, NPOs, research institutes, companies, government, media and other stakeholders, with the aim of creating a "naturally healthy community" and realizing a "sustainable society, public health and lifestyle".
  • Main Activities


    Research and consulting on public health, health science, health policy, etc.

    Education and Public Awareness

    Education and awareness-raising activities, professional training, and leadership development for public health, health science, and health policy.

    Active Implementation

    Planning and implementation support for social implementation projects related to public health, health science, health policy, etc.

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