A Message from our Founder and Chairman

It often feels to me that perhaps we humans are overdoing things. Here in Japan, we’re already crowded together on a relatively smallish group of islands, yet overconcentration in big cities, especially Tokyo, continues to accelerate, and high-rise office buildings and condominiums grow like forests. Something doesn’t seem quite right about all this. Especially if, like me, you have roots in a more rural, small-town region of your country, you may well have felt the same way.

Just like humans and organizations, countries too have life cycles. Like some other major advanced nations, Japan is experiencing weak economic growth and a declining population. Added to that, the impact of our super-aging society and the risk of natural disaster grow increasingly apparent day by day.

How can we create a sustainable society? What should we be doing now for future generations? Isn’t now the time to act? Over recent years, these questions and feelings resonated with me with increasing strength.

And then... after we had solidified several core concepts that reflect our values, including a new "Sustainable × Regional × Healthcare" approach, and a more flexible workstyle of independent specialists collaborating together regardless of time and location, and just as we were on the point of formally launching activities in 2020… the Covid-19 outbreak struck.

Clearly, the timing was not ideal, but rather than being pushed back who knows how far by the Covid-19 crisis, we pushed ahead with officially establishing our organization. Fortunately, we are blessed with many supporters, and have already launched various concrete actions, including local disease prevention and other health-related projects, as well as educational and awareness-raising activities.

Promoting health, designing society for a sustainable future – that’s what we are now working towards. We sincerely hope to join together with many others who share this sentiment.

Kohei Onozaki, Founder and Chairman
Founder & Chairman Kohei Onozaki