Date posted:January 11, 2021

Traffic safety as an important area of public health practice

Our activities for 2021 have begun and we're already running at full speed!

We have started many projects such as policy research, human resource development, and sports promotion in the community.

One of our new initiatives is traffic safety. You may think that this has nothing to do with us. However, this is one of the important areas of public health.

For example, we are planning to promote the compliance of traffic rules and the wearing of helmets when riding bicycles, the improvement of driving skills when riding motorcycles, and the wearing of chest guards to reduce critical chest injuries.

The city of Sakura, Chiba Prefecture, where SustainaHealth's office is located, has a lake (perhaps somewhere between march and lake in English) called Lake Inba, cycling paths, camping grounds, and vast open spaces and forests.

Due to Covid-19, people are becoming more outdoorsy, and the number of people using the nearby cycling paths and camping grounds is increasing. We would like to take advantage of this trend in a positive way.