Date posted:November 08, 2020

"Bocchi" of peanuts - Chiba's fall traditional

It is the season of "Bocchi", one of Chiba's most popular fall traditional.
Bocchi is a pile of peanuts after the harvest, and can be seen in peanut-growing areas from October to November.

Recently, the number of farmers who cover their Bocchi with blue plastic sheet is increasing, but from the point of view of landscape, straw is far superior.

Due to the shortage of farmers with super aging population, abandoned farmland is increasing every year. The peanut farmers are also getting older and retired.  Sooner or later, we may not be able to see any more Bocchi.

We would like to tackle the issue of how to maintain and utilize the land under cultivation or return it to its natural state, both in terms of food supply and landscape and environment conservation.

[Translated by DeepL]