Date posted:October 11, 2021

Balamaki, pork-barreling is truly "Disrespectful" to the Next Generation

In the run-up to the House of Representatives elections, the usual battle of the pork-barreling has begun. "The headlines read, "Ruling and opposition parties all claim to be 'distributing' economic aid, aware of lower house election" (Jiji Press).

It's a shame, but the pre-election campaign of "pork-barreling" is a common occurrence, and it's getting worse. It is truly "bread and circuses".

Under the new corona, the government has been expanding its fiscal spending to an extraordinary degree. Some of the spending was essential, to help those who are really in need. However, there have also been expenditures that can only be regarded as "ambush marketing".

And now, as the situation of the new coronary disease is improving, why we still have to spend again before the election?  How can we expect to improve the sustainability of our society, our finances, and our social security system? Above all, how will we explain this to the next generation?

I heard that the ruling party is criticizing the fact that the vice minister of finance contributed an article (it was really the excellent opinion though) to a magazine criticizing Balamaki (pork-barreling).  However, the LDP Policy Chief  Rep. Takaichi called it "disrespectful and ridiculous," ..... In my opinion, what is truly ridiculous is the foolishness of this kind of politician's repeated Balamaki, which is "disrespectful" to our future, children's generation.

I was asked this question by a high school student who saw the news about the large supplementary budget for Covid-19.
"Who's going to pay for it?"
I was almost at a loss for my words...

In order to develop a sustainable society, fiscal discipline is of course crucial, and in fact, we need to increase national burden drastically, including further consumption tax hikes (at least up to 20%) and tremendous insurance premium increases.

For the sake of the next generation, I hope that the ruling party in particular will make calm and wise decisions in order to create a sustainable society.