Date posted:June 27, 2021

Preparing for "Loss of Covid"

Vaccinations are accelerating in Japan, and we feel that we are somehow returning to our before-Covid-19. What kind of life will be waiting for us after the corona is over?

I suppose that we will see a phenomenon called "Loss of Covid".

- Oh, another train commute, another in-person meeting, another drinking party I don't want to go to...

- Oh, school classes are going back to face-to-face again. I could watch videos of boring classes at twice the speed, which was very efficient. (← This is an actual comment from a student.)

- Oh, the roads are so congested... even though the highway was free because of the emergency declaration!

And there will be some people who can't help but mutter, "Oh, I miss the days of Covid-19"  which in another words  "I don't want to remember Covid-19, but I miss those days of efficient online life".

In order to avoid such "Loss of Covid," I recommend that you spend some time now to rethink the way you live and work, and in turn, consider ways to create a truly sustainable society and your lifestyle.